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Dr. Rama''s Test Tube Baby Centre
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Greetings from Dr. Rama’s Test Tube Baby Centre!! We are glad to inform you that we have extended our centre in Bangalore also. We have 8 centres of Dr Rama’s across the world. Our centres are at Bangalore, Muscat, Hyderabad, Raichur, Visakhapatnam, Guntur, Vijayvada, and Rajahmundry. We are providing services likeIUI, IVF, ICSI, (ART), AssistedEmbryoHatching, Freezing, Donation, Surrogacy, PGD, PCOS, Reproductive Surgery, Lab Diagnosis, Delivery(normal& LSCS), Alternative Therapy from last 24 years.
Dr. P. Rama Devi is among the most popular Infertility Doctors known to about hundred million of people all over the world .She has travelled and attended over 100 scientific meetings, conferences, workshops etc. in India and around the world in around 30 countries as a Delegate, Speaker, Session Chair person etc. She has published over a score of scientific papers in national and international journals.
Dr Rama’s Test Tube Baby Centre is conducting a free camp related to Pregnancy & Infertility problems on Sun 7th June from 10AM onwards in our Indiranagar campus itself. Our mission is to resolve fertility problems in the right way for each individual patient. We give personalised, evidence based approach of treatment leading to highest standard of quality & care.
Thus we look forward for your support and cooperation to fulfil the dreams of parenthood who seek for it. Please come for the free camp and avail this opportunity.

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